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Service where and when you need it!

We serve all of the Tarrant County and surrounding areas with mobile notary and loan signing services.

Normal Business hours are 9:00am to 6:00pmMonday to Friday. Services after hours, weekends and holidays incur additional charges.

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Fast service when time is critical

Finding a Notary Public that can respond quickly can be difficult, exspecially at 2am!

Your time is valuable and we offer our Mobile Notary Services with flexible hours that meet your needs. We specialize in being there for our customer when and where they need us; especially in those emergency situations when time is of the essence we'll come to you! Our emergency service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. To Schedule an appointment today, email, or call us for more information.

See our Fee Schedule or call for quote today 817.482.6368.

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A notary requires the signer to be present for the notarization. Remember that the primary function of a notary public is to prevent fraud. We do this by requiring the physical presence of the signer, making a positive identification of the signer, and placing the signer under oath or affirmation, or taking the acknowledgment of the signer that the document was signed willingly.

What Can Be Notarized

See a list of documents that can be notarized
See a list of documents that cannot be notarized.

Don't forget your Photo ID!

What is the process of notarizing a document?

  • The Signer must be physically present.
  • The Notary verifies identity of the Signer with the photo identification provided by the signer (Driver license, Passport, State ID, or Military ID).
  • The Notary reviews the document, making sure there are no blanks on the document and that there is a notarial certificate on the document. If there is no certificate the notary will ask you to choose one to attach to the front of the document. A notary cannot advise you on which statement to choose. Click here to see a description, sample wording, and list of the types of certifications for the state of Texas.
  • The Notary will ask the signer if they understand the content of the document to determine the Signer's awareness and understanding of the transaction and if they are being coerce into signing or are under duress.
  • The Signer and the Notary complete the required information for the Record Book, and obtain a thumb print.
  • The Notary Signs and Stamps the Seal on the Notarial Certificate.

We meet our customers at locations of their choice. We've met our customers at: Escrow, Title, Mortgage, and Lending Offices; Business Offices; Break Rooms; Conference Rooms; Private Residences; Hospitals; Assisted Living; Senior Centers; Doctors' Offices; Police Stations; Jails; Detention Centers; Parking Lots; Coffee Houses and Restaurants.